Electric and automatic gates can provide smooth and rapid opening gates with increased convenience but without compromising on security. Electric gates can be fully automated with remote access control options including keypads, proximity cards, voice and video intercoms and remote control fobs. Types of automatic and electric gates include bi-folding speed gates, underground swing gate operators and sliding gate openers. 

We are manufacturers and installers of bespoke gates in Gillingham and across the UK.

We offer a wide selection of single gates, side gates and double gates. Our gates are made from the highest quality materials and come complete with fittings, such as adjustable hinges, latch-bolts and drop-bolts. You can choose from a variety of locking systems for your gate and also customise your gate by adding different header and decoration designs.

If you have a more unusual size or style requirement, you can create your own gate using our tailored design feature.


A powerful, proven range of drive and control solutions are available for the automation of commercial and industrial sliding gates. Continually rated and with sliding gates movable up to a weight of 4000kg. A range of models are available to cope with both large and small automatic sliding gates. The motor units are secure and space saving. Motor units have a lockable release mechanism in the event of a power failure. The range can operate any gate weighing up to 2000 kgs. 


Wrought iron gates are a popular choice of metal gates, while we can also provide gates in a range of other metal materials, such as steel gates. Contact us now to find out which types of metal gate we can provide.


We can provide hydraulic post mounted systems designed for the demand of high usage commercial swing gates, with maximum leaf weights approaching 1000kg and gate widths of up to 7000mm.